About Us

Hi, I’m Lauretta Cundy

Coaching Psychologist

My mission is to inspire women to cultivate life as an ‘art of existence’.

We are all affected by and subject of our ‘cultural values’ and ‘social expectations’ (Foucault, 1978), which both influence and shape us.

This impacts how we construct our sense of self, value and what it means to be a woman. Foucault (1978) argues that we cannot escape or move beyond the ‘cultural values’ and ‘social expectations’; rather, we can learn which to accept or resist, which he referred to as the ‘art of existence’. Here we can learn and develop tools to challenge and resist such power structure of ‘cultural values’ and ‘social expectations’, through ‘cultivating’ ourselves.

This retreat is designed to encourage you to do just this!

About Me…

My approach is one of evidence-based coaching with a focus personal development and resilience. I draw knowledge from a background of counselling, coaching and organisational psychology. 

I hold a First Class BSc Honours Degree in Counselling and Psychology, a MSc in Organisational Psychology and multiple coaching qualifications – including being a bereavement counselor and trauma-informed coaching. I am an accredited psychometric and personality practitioner. Currently undertaking a Doctorate, I am developing the concept of the ‘Grey Space’ – the area where boundaries between therapy and coaching blur. 

Are you ready?