Reclaim Your
‘Wild Woman’

‘Cultivating’ ourselves through the ‘Art of Existence’

Learn to reawaken, re-liven your natural instincts by exploring the following activities!


Forest Bathing
Make your own herbal remedy


Free dance
Tailored meals by nutritionist


Sound Bath

Arts & Crafts


1-2-1 Coaching Pre & Post Retreat
Psychological Coaching Workshops


Julia Russell

Herbalist, Foraging and plant medicine

Foraging and plant medicine offer us a wealth of opportunities to connect in the broadest sense with nature’s wild side.

Julia aims to inspire and empower you to get out in nature, tap into the wisdom of the plant world, forage for plant material from which you can create your own remedy for supporting your health.

Nicola Garrett

Breathwork Specialist

Breathwork is an exciting and dynamic tool for change. Learning to breath seems like a simple and automatic function. Yet, learning to breath properly is an untapped skill, which can create shifts in our state and consciousness. Used wisely, this skill can truly transform our lives.

Rachel Walsh

Yoga Teacher

Is on a mission to live a more balanced life, bringing a unique perspective to her   students. Racheal blends several yoga styles creating a truly unique experience.

Francesca Klottrup

Nutritionist and Chef

Francesca has a keen interest in health and food science.

She is a qualified Nutritional Therapist from London’s College of Naturopathic Medicine. As well as being an Academic Director for CNM’s innovative Natural Chef Culinary and Nutrition Diploma, teaching and co-writing the course.

Lauretta Cundy

Coaching Psychologist and Sound Bath Practitioner,CoSH

My coaching workshops explore a mind-body approach to rediscover and reclaiming your ‘wild woman’

Incorporating and integrating a wide range of approaches, these sessions deliver practical tools, tips and strategies to support your ‘Re-Wilding’!  

Coaching Psychology is described as: “A  process of enhancing wellbeing and performance in personal life and work domains underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established adult and child theories and approaches” (Source: ISCP).

Alongside, Lauretta is a CoSH train Sound Bath practitioner.

The aim is to take a peaceful hour and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Sound, taking a slice of tranquility back with you.

The Sound Bath will start with a guided meditation to deepen your state of relaxation and then using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rain Sticks, Rattles, Native American style drums and Improvised Voice. You can simply listen to the sounds, drift off, meditate, contemplate life or not…