This retreat is designed to guide you back to your innate nature – your “Wild Woman”.  

Through connecting in with the elements of nature and sciences during this 4 day 3 night retreat our aim is to ensure you tap into these forgotten answers. Come back to the Earth, come back to yourself… We are all affected by and subject of our ‘cultural values’ and ‘social expectations’ (Foucault, 1978), which both influence and shape us. This impacts how we construct our sense of self, value and what it means to be a woman.
Foucault (1978) argues that we cannot escape or move beyond the ‘cultural values’ and ‘social expectations’; rather, we can learn which to accept or resist, which he referred to as the ‘art of existence’. Here we can learn and develop tools to challenge such power structures, through ‘cultivating’ ourselves.
This retreat is designed to do just this!
Through the exploration of both the somatic side – relating to the body, and exploring the psychological side, this retreat encourages you to tap into your own innate wisdom, cultivating your own ‘art of existence’.




“To consciously restore to a more natural, wild state in order to rebalance and repair, used especially with reference to the undoing of domestication and conditioning. Human re-wilding is a holistic, intentional way of living.”

Michelle Parry – Owner of The Re-Wilding Venue – a Partner of Wild Woman Retreat